Advanced Excel + Microsoft Certification (MOS) Training
@ Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune

No.of Participants: 200+ MBA Students

Overall Feedback: 9.4 out of 10

Date: 29th & 30th June 2019

Trainer Name: Mohamed Yousuf M

Training Participants Testimonials:

1. Mr.Mohamed Yousuf is one of the best teachers I have seen. He is extremely proficient in the subject he teaches and his passion is evident through the course. He is intent only helping us learn and understand what is being taught. He is patient and keeps the class interested and keen. He was able to evoke keen interest in Excel, its applications and the constant developments in the program. Absolutely loved the experience of being taught by Mr.Mohamed Yousuf. Thank you for imparting the knowledge you have gained over more than a decade.

3. Managing 200 odd people in a small class room is no easy feat. And the fact that Mr. Yousuf could keep everyone engaged and provide the odd \"Eureka\" moments during the program is a testimonial of his impeccable delivery and people skills. Indeed an excellent teacher.

5. One of the best sessions I ever had. The way Yousuf sir teaches will really help anyone to understand things better. His patience and his determination to teach really motivates students to learn more things. Do join this course to excel in excel.

7. The team at Excel Prodigy has designed an excellent over the weekend course for working professionals. Over these two days, the trainer, Mohamed Yousuf touches upon all the aspects required to master excel, with relevant examples and exercises. This course defines the necessary approach one should take, to learn excel as a professional.

9. The overall training was excellent and extremely insightful. It will definitely help us in the future as MBA graduates working in the corporate sector. The real life cases of various companies were particularly of great help to let us know the importance of gaining proper knowledge of MS Excel.

11. The trainer is well versed in the subject domain, his effort to maximize the knowledge in a limited span of time is commendable.He maintained the interest in the program throughout the session.It was a holistic development session and helped me get over my fear of spreadsheets and usage of MS Excel.

13. The course is designed perfectly and the way trainer explained everything even a beginner would breeze through the course easily. Mr. Yousuf is very friendly and knowledgeable, trying his best to clear each every doubt. Couldn\'t have had a better session.

15. Got to know way more about Excel in the past two days than I did it ever before. The trainer, Mr. Yousuf ensured that all our doubts were cleared and taught at a desirable speed that made sure we grasped all the intricacies of Excel. It was an amazing session, with an even more amazing instructor.

17. The sessions were absolutely fantastic, with a lot of emphasis on tips and tricks and getting the actual work done. The concepts were explained clearly with the logic behind the concepts explained instead of just their applicability. In short, very worthy sessions that definitely helped me.

19. The content was spot on. Knew most of this since I have worked for the last 2 years but can testify that the functions taught during this program are exactly what is needed at the workplace today. Also Yousuf explained the concepts really well.

21. Mohamed Yousuf Sir is a great trainer with such a vast experience in industry. With this he brings on the table such a ocean of knowledge with tips and tricks to make excel easy and fun. Thank you for such a wonderful training sir.

23. Excel Prodigy is doing a great job. The content along with the trainer is stupendous. They make you start from the scratch but make you go to deep learning and real-time technology. Had the best learning experience.

25. Mr Mohamed Yousuf is an excellent trainer. his knowledge of Excel is phenomenal. His training has helped a lot in clearing my concepts. His training style is exemplary. The material is also very exhaustive.

27. In a short span of two days, the trainer managed to explain a lot of important topics like vlookup, pivot tables etc. in a way that was understandable. The training was well-organised and informative.

29. Excellent excel trainer in India with great teaching pattern and methodology. He has got all the knowledge regarding excel and delivers his knowledge to others in very organised and engaging manner

31. Amazing course to learn from. Surely changed my entire perception of the usability of the Excel software. I highly recommend the program for everyone who is interested into data analytics.

33. The trainer,Mr. Mohamed Yousuf, had great excel knowledge, not just excel but other tips as well. And the way he delivered this knowledge was great. We learned a lot from him. Thankyou!!

35. The training program for excel is really insightful and it covers all the concepts related to excel in depth. It equips the person with the required knowledge and is absolutely useful.

37. Overall the experience was very great. Yousuf sir has very in-depth knowledge of the domain and the tricks and concepts are conveyed very beautifully and in a structured format.

39. The training was easy to comprehend, moving at the right pace, and the trainer was easygoing and incredibly patient. I really learned a lot. Appreciate the effort. Keep it up!

41. This training is very well thought out and structured perfectly. Mohamed Yousuf was very good as well. His method of instruction led to a great understand of MS Excel.

43. The session was extremely detailed and had exercises which helped me practically apply all that was being taught. Amazing Professor with depth knowledge of excel.

45. It was a great experience getting this course, it opened our perspective about the software and taught us various uses of it that we never did before. thank you

47. Great coverage on a wide variety of MS Excel functions. Ample examples given, with modeled data resembling real-world usage scenarios. A great value addition!

49. The session was great. Learnt a lot of tips and tricks regarding excel along with the basic and advanced concepts. Overall the session was worth the time.

51. Very Insightful and definitely a basic requirement for every corporate professional. Will help analyze data in the college as well as corporate life.

53. Very informative session. The training gave a clear picture of the basics and advanced excel. I would definitely recommend this session to freshers.

55. The overall session was good and informative. Enough sample sheets given for practice and the session has been very interactive and helpful.

57. This certainly was one the best workshops I\'ve had the opportunity to attend. Loved the demonstrations that were given through examples.

59. A really informative and well structured course that taught us more than we expected to be able to learn in such a short period of time.

61. The session was outstanding. I got to know the power of Excel through this session. Thank you for your valuable insights into excel.

63. Mohamed Sir is a true Excel Prodigy. I have prior experience in excel but after attending his course I feel I have learnt more.

65. Great session. I recommend this to all the beginners in excel. The trainer was very knowledgeable and had a fun time learning

67. The Advanced excel training was very good. It helped learning things that can save lot of time doing regular activities.

69. I personally loved the program. I got to learn a lot of new things which will surely help me in my future job roles.

71. Very well organized training. Very insightful and helpful. Trainer was very well informed and presented very well

73. The training session was extremely insightful and enlightening. Genuinely appreciate the efforts and guidance!

75. Mr. yousuf is an excellent trainer! additional information regarding shortcuts and other apps helped alot

77. Wonderful experience with a lot of information gained within a short span of time. Keep up the good work

79. This 2 day session was really helpful. I am a lot more confident with regards to my Excel skills now.

81. It was very informative and I was able to understand all the topics within the limited time.

83. The trainer is amazingly patient and knows how to propogate the knowledge in a great way.

85. It was an engaging session. Got to learn new tricks of excel. The trainer was wonderful.

87. The session was very insightful. The subject knowledge of the trainer was brilliant.

89. Very informative and the trainer explained the concepts using practical experiences.

91. Trainer is very patient, have great knowledge and explains everything wonderfully.

93. One of the most practical and fruitful session that I have ever attended.

95. The manner and ease in which the concepts were explained was commendable.

97. Very informative session. Concept clarity followed by practical example

99. Great insight and teaching techniques, Would recommend this to anyone.

101. Very informative, helped me brush up my excel for the corporate world.

103. Excellent training and very insightful which will help us in future

105. Whole session was very insightful. Learned lot of new things.

107. Complex concepts made easy. Would recommend sir to everyone.

109. Thank you very much sir for sharing your knowledge with us.

111. Great learning experience from learned industry person.

113. Amazing sessions.. Would love to do more such sessions

115. Very Engaging Session and a must for corporate work

117. Great Training with real world business examples

119. Really loved the excel training. Learnt a lot.

121. The overall session was okay. I learnt a lot.

123. Good Trainer. Relevant Topics. Well Organized

125. Informative, innovative and interesting

127. Workshop was really very helpful

129. Great! Loved it! Would recommend!

131. Best teacher ever Mohammad Yousuf

133. The course was insightful.

135. The trainer was engaging.

137. Great content. Thank you.

139. Very informative.

2. The training was splendid. Being a beginner I had almost no prior Excel knowledge. After the two day session, guided by Mr. Yousuf, I gained clarity on various concepts of Excel. I strongly believe that this training is essential for anyone who wants to enter the corporate world and the team at Excel Prodigy do a wonderful job of ensuring that you leave the session with both, theoretical knowledge as well as a practical application of these theories and concepts.

4. I\'m glad I attended this programme. I realized a lot of work that we had done in the past in excel could be done in much less time. Also, the trainer Mr. Yousuf explained the concepts very well. It was refreshing to see a person so enthusiastic about excel. He is an excellent trainer indeed. Thanks a lot.

6. The trainer had a strong hold of MS Office and gave plenty of live examples during the course which made the sessions more interesting. The data files in excel were organized which made our hands-on experience more smooth. Each concept had adequate practical exposure for a better understanding. I would recommend Excel Prodigy to everyone who wants to learn excel (and not in a boring way).

8. The workshop was amazing in every aspect. With a brush up of the basic concepts, the course smoothly taught us the advanced functions of excel with ease. The fear of excel before the session has gone. The practice exercises given were also very helpful and helped us understand the topic well. Looking forward to Excel Prodigy for more such amazing content in various subjects.

10. The trainer, Mohamed Yousuf has been extremely insightful. His subject knowledge has been clearly visible over the past two days and he has provided well organised proper directions on how to proceed with the course. The topics have been explained well. These past two days were extremely fun and filled with interactive sessions.

12. The training was very informative and insightful. We were able to cover a lot of topics over just two days. This training will be vital for us as excel and spreadsheet modelling is an integral part of our careers. Thank you Yousef sir, for your valuable inputs and time for guiding us through the classes.

14. I have been exposed to excel as a part of my job. I was under the impression that I know a good amount of excel. However the topics and the logic behind it cleared my misconception and made me more powerful in terms of using excel. I highly recommend this training to every business school student.

16. The importance of Excel is very high in today\'s corporate world. To successfully thrive in the corporate industry, MS skills in general and excel in particular are required. The kind of experience and teaching that Mr. Yousouf passed on to us was exceptional. I am hopeful of using that in my career.

18. Amazing experience it was. Never thought there is so much in excel. Yousuf sir introduced us to a new world called excel, which is definitely a value addition to our profile. Hope to learn more courses from Yousuf sir. I highly recommend Yousuf sir for MS Excel Training.

20. The trainer Mohamed Yousuf was very knowledgeable and have a great grasp of all the topics covered in the session. He was patient enough to teach the beginners and gave valuable examples with a smiling face.A really enjoyed the training.

22. For a course that was supposed to take months to learn, was taught in just 2 days. I got to learn a lot of informative stuff that otherwise would have been difficult to find. Very experienced professionals cum trainers.

24. I would recommend Excel Prodigy to anyone who aspires to work in the corporate sector. Quick and sensible data analysis is a major component of any job, and Excel Prodigy will help you \"Excel\" in your career

26. The Training allowed us to venture the depths of Excel as we had never done before, the shortcuts and the standard methods were very insightful and will be definitely helpful for us in our future endeavors.

28. Useful and best up-to-date tips and learnings were conveyed from the workshop which could not have been possible elsewhere. Thank you so much for all the data and teachings regarding advanced excel.

30. The trainer we had at SIBM Pune Mohamed Yousuf was amazing. He was calm and composed , solved all our queries and his subject knowledge is amazing. Thank you so much for such an insightful session.

32. Great teacher teaches with examples. That\'s what Mohamed Sir did and it was worth it. His knowledge about these tools is amazing. He made learning Excel even more fun. Great experience.

34. The training was extremely well organised and detailed. It covered a lot of useful concepts in depth & all the tips and tricks shared by Yousuf sir will come handy very often. Thank you!

36. It was a very informative session . Will really help me save time while making report in the office. Also the use of onenote will defenitely help me organise things in better managed.

38. An insightful and gripping workshop. Knowledgeable and experienced trainer. Strengthened the concepts all the way from the basics to the the advanced ones. Kudos to Yousuf Sir!

40. The course was taught in an interesting way, and this training programme has improved my Excel skills. It was a great experience learning from such an insightful trainer.

42. Yousuf Sir is very calm and patient and his excel knowledge is immense. Apart from that, he taught us a lot of tricks which would be very helpful for us in our future.

44. The ability of instructors to create a high focus compact session which covers almost all the major aspects of excel, such a behemoth, is absolutely commendable.

46. Recommended to others. Very well organized and explained with great patience with other extra information given about other stuff too. We enjoyed it. Thank You

48. The training sessions were structured in a way to help beginners. All concepts were cleared. Trainer was patient to listen to and solve queries of students.

50. It was one of the practical session where we gained lots of insights on Excel and the new booming technology. Great work. Eager to learn more in future.

52. It was a very knowledgeable session. Really helped me a lot in understanding the functioning of excel. This training would really help in the future.

54. The session was very intuitive. It was well organised. Helped me learn a lot of things within 2 days. Trainers are very knowledgeable on the subject

56. Great learning from this training! Very helpful for our future corporate experience. Great efforts from the trainer and team. Thank you sir

58. The session was an insightful one.The trainer cooperated and made sure all the doubts were cleared. Overall, a good learning experience.

60. The anecdotes and industry cases which were shared as a part of the excel topics were quite insightful and made the lessons engaging.

62. Very good trainer, well organised content, good amount of practice questions, doubt clearing sessions..... overall good experience

64. The training was very knowledgeable and extremely useful. It helped in building Excel knowledge to a very high level.Thank you.

66. The training provided valuable shortcuts, and brought to light some amazing features of excel that we were not aware of.

68. The training program was very insightful, practical and relevant. The trainer Mr. Mohamed Yousuf did an amazing job.

70. It was an amazing 2 day session. Learnt a lot of new things, which will be beneficial for me in the coming years.

72. The trainer Mohammed Yousuf has great knowledge about excel and shared with us some great concepts and tricks.

74. Got to know how powerful Excel as a software is. Thank you making me realize the potential of this software.

76. Extremely informative and insightful. Kindly arrange more such courses for building up on this knowledge.

78. Insightful session, Appreciable content-organization, Knowledgeable trainer. Would definitely recommend.

80. All concepts explained with clarity and real world applications. The trainer was patient and helpful

82. The course was extremely valuable. Got to learn a lot about excel. Interesting shortcuts.

84. Really Insightful! Learnt informative things that would definitely help in the long run.

86. It was an amazing learning experience. Highly recommended to new folks in the industry.

88. Loved the training program! Totally enjoyed the program and learnt a lot. Thank you.

90. Training gave us new insights and knowledge about Excel, good utilisation of time.

92. Great flow throughout the training. Doubts were cleared even without asking.

94. Amazing program. Learnt a lot in due course of time that was recommended

96. Yousuf has an excellent knowledge of excel. Great teacher to learn from.

98. Great trainer, great delivery and amazing subject knowledge. Impressed!

100. Had zero knowledge about Excel. Now, almost 70% comfortable with Excel

102. Very insightful session. Did not know excel could be interesting too!

104. Best short course on excel with maximum valuable inputs given .

106. the trainer is very knowledgeable and shares valuable insight.

108. Great experience. Helped me learn excel in the right manner

110. The programmes was designed well. Learnt many shortcuts.

112. The training was very informative and extremly useful.

114. Very insightful, was need of the hour and helped us.

116. Excellent course for people who are new to Excel

118. Training covered many topics in simplified way.

120. The overall session was great really helpful.

122. Awsome trainer. Good materials for practice.

124. It was perfect. Thankyou for everything.

126. Helped me a lot to hone my excel skills

128. Informative. Good teaching skills.

130. Very informative and exhaustive.

132. Concise , power packed program

134. Training was very helpful

136. Informative and excel-lent

138. Excel-lent training!

140. Session was great