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Excel Prodigy is one of the Leading Power Apps Training Company in India. We conducted Power Apps Training for Corporate's in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and PAN India. Our training methodology is simple and easy to understand. We provide Instructor-led, Interactive and hands-on training with real time examples. Our instructors are knowledgeable, experienced and patient computer training professionals with both Industry Expert and Microsoft Certified Trainers.

Power Platform Training - Power Apps & Power Automate.


Who Should Attend?
  • App Developers
  • Anyone interested in building apps
Power Apps Training Pre-Requisite:
  • Knowledge of Windows operating system
  • Excel formula
  • Basic idea of Office 365


Module 1: An Introduction to PowerApps
  • What is PowerApps?
  • The benefits of apps
  • How to get PowerApps
  • PowerApps Studio and Web version
  • Introduction to Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI
  • License Options and Costs
  • Discover PowerApps with Templates
  • Introduction to Data Connector
  • Power Apps Admin Center
Lab 1:
  • Download and Install Power Apps
  • Create Login and configure Power bi web account
  • Explore https://make.powerapps.com/
  • Explore Power Apps Platform
  • Explore Power Apps Components
  • Explore all Data Connectors
Module 2: Getting Started with PowerApps
  • Common Data Services
  • Creating connection to CDS
  • On-Premises Gateway
  • Building a new app from a data source
  • Add, edit and remove controls
  • Intro to Formulas
  • Testing an app
  • App Settings
  • Publish and Share Apps
  • Version History and Restore
  • PowerApps Mobile App
Lab 2:
  • Install and configure Gateway
  • Create a Google Sheet
  • Insert Data in Google Sheet
  • Create First Canvas App from using Google sheet data source
  • Save the Apps in local computer and cloud
  • Publish and Share the Apps
  • Open and Edit existing Apps
  • Customizing the apps
  • Explore Tree View (BrowserScreen, DetailScreen, EditScreen)
  • Add and Modify records using Apps in Google Sheet
  • Explore the Formula of each button
Module 3: Customizing Canvas Apps, Add Formulas
  • Different types of Power Apps for different scenarios
  • Creating Flooring Apps using Google Sheet
  • Understanding Data Forms and Cards
  • How to add Button Control in Apps
  • Working with Formulas (IF)
  • Adding Video to Apps
  • Adding Rating Control to the Apps
  • Create Popup message in Apps
Lab 3:
  • Create Canvas App using Excel sheet
  • Explore Tree View
  • BrowserScreen, DetailScreen, EditScreen
  • Add new screen
  • Add controls and write formulas
  • Manage and Share Apps
  • Explore Apps in Mobile Device
Module 4: Understand Environment
  • What is Environment (Namespace)
  • Benefit of multiple environments
  • Reason to use Environments
  • Separate app development by department
  • Support application lifecycle management
  • Manage data access
  • Manage access to environment
Lab 4:
  • Explore Power Apps Admin Center
  • Create a New Environment
  • Environment Name, Type, Region, Purpose
Module 5: Understand Office 365 and SharePoint Data Source
  • What is Office 365 and how to use
  • Sharepoint Apps
  • Sharepoint Data Connection and Apps
  • Explore Sharepoint
  • Power BI Connection
Lab 5:
  • Explore Office 365 Enterprises Trial
  • Create a Free Trial Office 365 Account
  • Login to Office 365 Account
  • Explore all Office 365 Apps
  • Open Admin page of Office 365
  • Open Sharepoint Site
  • Create Sharepoint List
  • Create connection between Sharepoint and Power apps
  • Design Apps using Sharepoint Data Source
  • Export and Import between two Power Apps Account
  • Power BI connection with Power App
Module 6: Model-Driven Power Apps
  • Understand Model Driven Apps
  • Difference between Canvas and Model Driven Apps
  • Benefit of Model Driven Apps
  • Common Data Services (CDS)
Lab 6:
  • Explore Sample Template Fundraiser
  • Create Environment, Create Database
  • Add new records in Fundraiser
  • Save and close
  • Show Visual Filter
  • Navigate between 2 environments
Module 7: Common Data Services (CDS)
  • What is Common Data Services?
  • Entities
  • Security & Benefits
  • Entity Relationships
  • Entity Types
  • Create a Common Data Entity
  • Create a Custom Entity
  • Add and Customized Fields
  • Adding Relationships
  • Customize view, Customize main form
Lab 7:
  • Create an entity and import data into your Common Data Service database
  • Create a File Template
  • Copy data into your template
  • Import the file
  • Create a custom entity and import data
  • Use Common Data Service to store data
  • Add a Business Rule
  • Importing Data from an Excel file
Module 8: Basic Formula and Conditional Formatting
  • Basic formula to change properties in a Power Apps canvas app
  • Formulas overview
  • Control properties
  • Combining functions
  • Localization
  • Conditional Formatting
Lab 8:
  • Create a new Canvas App
  • Write IF, SUM formula
  • Use formulas to perform calculations (Sum,Average,Max,Min)
  • Examples to explore formulas
  • Applying Conditional Formatting using IF Condition
Module 9: Portal Apps
  • Introduction to Power Apps Portal
  • Buildings Apps
Lab 9:
  • Create and build first Portal power apps
  • Create a new Environment
  • Create Database
  • Design Web site
  • Create Entities
  • Create Forms and Add records
Module 10: Microsoft Automate/Microsoft Flow
  • Introduction to MS Automate
  • What is Automate?
  • Building Flows
  • Benefits
Lab 10:
  • Ex-1 Creating a Flow/Automate to Add New Item in SharePoint, It will send Email Notification Automatically.
  • Connect with SharePoint
  • Create Flow
  • Write steps
  • Insert record
  • Mail/Mobile notifications
Module 11: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Virtual Agents in Power Apps
  • What is AI?
  • Power Apps AI Builder
  • Virtual Agents
Lab 11:
  • Create Object Detection example using AI
Module 12: Understanding Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

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      Few of our Corporate Clients:

      Our Corporate Clients

      Power Bi Training Feedback:

      Feedbacks from participants attended our Power BI Online & Corporate Training in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Pune

      The training was very useful for me as it helped me to improve my skills of finding the insights through Power BI in more advanced way. Trainer was very thorough with his knowledge in Power BI and same way he delivered his knowledge to us which will definitely help me to build better dashboards with very strong and useful insights for any case.
      -Som Nath Ghosh

      The trainer had good knowledge of the course and was very patient while explaining the concepts and clearing doubts of the students participating in the workshop. The course content covered topics from basic level to advanced level, and the pace of the course was very good for even beginners. I would recommended Excel Prodigy to anyone who wants to learn Power BI and get an hands on experience with the tool.
      -Pranav Vikas Arora

      Mohamed Yusuf, is a very professional trainer as far as i see with Power Bi and he has focus for all the trainees and had best ensured that everyone understands from fundamentals to advanced, even if you are a beginner. The most key part of this program, is Only practical exercise for the whole sessions.
      -Cj Bhaskar Babu

      Excellent course. The presentation and method of teaching was really great. The resource person Mr Mohammed Yousaf had a through and in-depth knowledge in the subject. The hands-on training approach from the beginning of the training was great.
      -Renjith Joseph

      The training was excellent, and I learned a great deal. The hands-on workshops are excellent. I gained a lot of confidence from the practical session. The flow you demonstrated was fantastic. It's quite valuable.
      -Janani G

      This Power BI use training was excellent in terms of information management and display of data in order to provide decision-making analysis. The training was a step-wised one where basics were first mastered being going through more advanced tools of the software. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested to move a step up in their analysis and career as a professional blending with analytic technology.
      -Jordan Ramburn

      The Trainer had a high subject knowledge and was very helpful and patient with the needs of the participants. The training covered the entire width and scope of Power BI helped me to use Power BI to visualize data set with ease. Giving insights and the hacks that are used in the industry and also providing training on the latest updates in MS Power BI. Really useful and a must for MBA students.
      -Avinash Mendon

      Great Trainer. Really i didn\'t expect this training sessions would be this effective. But Yousuf took the pace really great and allowed enough space for me to follow. I will surely recommend this to other\'s. Thanks for the wonderful knowledge and Training.
      -Mannar Mannan

      This workshop been very helpful session. In depth teaching of Power BI along with many tips and tricks which can be used in future was shared. The practice sessions covered many day to day use cases in corporate world. I am confident to now join my internship with the knowledge imparted during this training. Also the trainer was very helpful and patient and he repeated concepts till it was very clear. He helped us create many dashboard during the training program and the variety of dashboards has made me confident enough to work on Power BI myself.
      -Manju P

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