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MS Project Training for Corporate's & Professionals in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata

Training Objective:

To impart Awareness of Advanced concept in MS Project towards building, managing, tracking, Cost Analysis, Resource Management, Budgeting, Linking and Consolidating, all types of Project and to Export and Import data from other software like MS Excel.

MS Project Training Key Takeaway:

This course to benefit all the levels of Executives & project managers with the objective providing them a clear understanding and mastering of MS Project to create, manage and handle the Project effectively. ​

Microsoft Project Training Course Content:

  • Project Management Overview 
    • Building a Project Plan
    • Editing the project information
    • Working with Task 
    o Creating 
    o Exploring Task Views 
                   o Adding Dependencies
                   o Duration & 
                   o Task Mode
    • Manipulating the duration with days, weeks, months and etc. 
    • Tips, Tricks and Shortcut keys
    • Types of Views and Tables
    • Finding Critical Path and Slack
    • Customizing the Gantt Chart and spread sheet
    • Modifying the view
                   o Adding and hiding new fields
                   o Creating a customized fields
                   o Formulas and function in customized field
                   o Adding the customized field in view
                   o Conditional formatting in the field
    • Network diagram and Calendar
    • Using Sorting, Filtering and Grouping
    • Customizing the view, schedule and task
    • Working with Calendars 
                   o Using the default calendar (Standard, 24 hours & Night Shift)
                   o Creating your own calendar
                   o Working with work week and exceptions
                   o Assigning the calendar to project and task
                   o Calendar for Time scale
                   o Sharing the calendars
    • Working with Time Scale
                   o Changing the wizard
                   o Customizing the Tier & Zooming
    • PERT Analysis (Finding the estimated duration by multiple inputs)
    • Outlining WBS Codes ( Creating Summary and Sub Task)
    • Types of dependencies 
                   o FS, SS, FF & SF
                   o Use the lag by duration and percentage
                   o Add dependencies by task information or split
    • Other options in task 
                   o Creating task by elapsed duration
                   o Recurring task
                   o Creating mile stones
                   o Creating dead line
    • Using the constraints
                   o Flexible
                   o Semi Flexible
                   o In Flexible
    • Managing Resource
                   o Types of resource
                   o Create Resource 
                   o Grouping 
                   o Using Material Label
                   o Cost 
                   o Allocation
                   o Sharing
                   o Resources Leveling (handling the over allocation)
    • Report by resources
                   o Who does what
                   o Who does what and when
                   ​o To do list
                   o Over allocated resources &
                   o Work load
    • The Big Three – Golden Triangle (Fixed Duration, Fixed Units and Fixed Work)
    • Report by pictures
    • Report for Cost
                   o Cash Flow
                   o Budget and Over Budget
                   o Earned Value analysis
    • Using and creating templates
    • Tracking project status (Base line method)
                   o Updating the task and project Comparing Plan Vs Actual
                   o Finding WIP (Work In Progress)
    • Forecasting the project by status date or progress line
    • Exporting and Importing data Excel and Project
    • Working with multiple project (Linking and Consolidating Projects)
    • Reports
                   o Visual Report 
                   o Customization
    • Working with Global Setting (Schedule, Display, Organizer)

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