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Excel Prodigy is one of the Leading Excel Training Company in India. We provide Advanced Excel Training in Mumbai for Corporate and Working professionals. Our training courses will show you how to use Excel better, faster and more efficiently. You will learn how to save time, access new features and work with confidence. We provide a dynamic learning environment with lots of practical hands on exercise with real world examples. Our instructors are knowledgeable, experienced and patient computer training professionals with both Industry Expert and Microsoft Certified.

“Every trained individual from Excel Prodigy is an expertise in MS Excel and can proudly exhibit their Excel skills for their career growth.”

Apart from Advanced Excel Training, we also conduction Corporate In-house Training on Power BI, Tableau, VBA Macro & PowerPoint.

About Excel Training

Why Advanced Excel Training in Mumbai:

Excel is the easiest and best way to do many tasks like create budget and record Expenses, build databases and do analysis in a work environment. Also, Excel has many Applications in which is why the basic and advanced excel courses are so popular in cities like Mumbai which is said to be financial city.
Excel Prodigy has designed the courses which will meet the needs of many finance professionals and boost their productivity in many years to come. Many of our corporate clients in Mumbai taken our trainings programs for how to create pivot tables, create macros and combine excel with the power of Visual basic (VBA) to unleash a new Possibilities.
In Mumbai we are associated with many top corporate’s like Credit Suisse, Godrej & Boyce, Yamaha Motors, Raymond, Huntsman & Wacker. We have given them exclusive trainings in MS Excel and our effective training have made increase in the employee’s confidence and begin thinking them outside of box. This quality training by Excel Prodigy make them more valuable assets to the team.
Our advanced excel training for many Individual participants have made them more employable and our training courses structure are in depth and address the most common mistake made by the individuals in day to day activity. Based on that, we have development the course flow and it will be most relevant to their work culture. Our trainers will initially understand the participants knowledge & their requirements to customize all the corporate training conducted.

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    Advanced Excel Training Course Outline:

    • Intro Excel 2019
    • Auto Fill, Custom List & Fill Series
    • AutoComplete Option
    • Different methods of selecting Range
    • Useful Shortcuts
    • Special Formats – Numbers & Dates
    • Different File Format (XLS, XLSX, XLSM)
    • Insert, Delete & Rename Sheets
    • Copy and Move Sheets
    • Worksheet Groups
    • Using the Clipboard Group
    • Using Paste Special
    • Problems using Relative References
    • Using Absolute References
    • Using Mixed Reference
    • Basic IF statement
    • Nested IF statements
    • Combining IF with AND, OR, NOT
    • IFERROR & ISNA Function
    • UPPER(), LOWER(), PROPER()
    • LEFT(), RIGHT(), MID(); LEN()
    • Join Cells using & (ampersand), CONCATENATE()
    • Create & modify charts
    • Different Chart Types
    • Adding data to existing chart
    • Combo Chart – Columns & Line
    • Secondary Axis Chart
    • Highlight & Remove Duplicate
    • Compare Reports
    • Converting Text to Number/Date
    • Find & Replace
    • Go To (Special) Options
    • Slicer
    • Spark Lines
    • VLOOKUP – Exact Match
    • VLOOKUP – Approximate Match
    • Nested VLOOKUP
    • VLookup & Match
    • Index & Match
    • VLookup & Indirect
    • PivotTable layout
    • Rearranging data
    • Filtering a report
    • Adding fields
    • Field settings
    • Refreshing data
    • Formatting a PivotTable
    • Showing detail
    • Create a calculated field
    • Advanced data field settings
    • Creating a PivotChart
    • Creating PivotChart Reports from scratch
    • Adding fields to a PivotChart
    • Custom & Multiple Sort
    • Subtotals
    • Advanced Filtering
    • Create automatic Subtotals
    • Text to Columns
    • Use the Group and Outline feature
    • Cell Rules
    • Top-Bottom Rules
    • Data bars, Gradient fills, Icon sets
    • Managing multiple conditional formata
    • Limiting the range of values
    • Drop down lists
    • Error alerts
    • Goal Seek
    • Data Table
    • Scenario Manager
    • Tracing precedent & dependants
    • Display/Hide formulas
    • Error Checking
    • Evaluate Formulas
    • Fixing Formulas Errors
    • Protecting cells/Range
    • Hide Formulas
    • Protecting Worksheet
    • Protecting Workbook

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    “It was a very informative session. All the topics covered were those which would be used in our day to day life, making working easy. Would be useful in my working. Should have more sessions like this.”

    Rutuja Vinchurney

    Wacker Metroark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

    “It was a very useful session for me, the amount of knowledge which I have gained in just 2 days will substantially add to my career performance going ahead.”

    Shaikh Shadatli


    “The tips and tricks provided will help me in increasing my productivity and thus i believe it was a fruitful experience.”

    Aashay Gupta


    “The workshop exceeded my expectations and Mr. Yousuf’s methodology of teaching was excellent. Would surely recommend to students”

    Nishant Gawande