Power Apps Mastery Programs for Businesses, Professionals, and Students

Power Apps training in Delhi by Excel Prodigy offers an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience with upcoming technology. power apps training course not only provides a valuable technical skill but also improves your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Students can create apps for personal projects, academic purposes, or even entrepreneurial ventures. best power apps course can give students an advantage in the job market, making them more attractive to potential employers.

Why Power Apps Training in Delhi?

Professionals across industries can greatly benefit from mastering power apps online training too. By acquiring skills to develop custom applications, they can solve complex problems, optimize workflows, and enhance their value within their organizations. Power Apps enables professionals to bridge gaps between different software platforms, facilitating seamless data integration and collaboration. The ability to create personalized apps can lead to improved job performance, career advancement, and a deeper understanding of business processes. 

By mastering Power Apps through a comprehensive power apps training course or an online Power Apps training course, individuals and organizations can harness the full potential of this powerful platform. With the availability of power apps online training, learners can conveniently access high-quality training materials and support from anywhere, making it easier to integrate learning into their busy schedules. Whether it’s a powerapps training course for corporate teams, a specialized Power Apps training course for professionals, or a flexible Power Apps training online program for students, these educational pathways are designed to drive innovation and success in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Power Apps Course Details:

Who Should Attend?

App Developers
Anyone interested in building apps

Power Apps Training Pre-Requisite:

Knowledge of Windows operating system
Excel formula
Basic idea of Office 365

Power Apps Training Course Outline

Module 1: An Introduction to PowerApps

Lab 1:

Lab 2:

Module 2: Getting Started with PowerApps

Module 3: Customizing Canvas Apps, Add Formulas

Lab 3:

Module 4: Understand Environment

Lab 4:

Module 5: Understand Office 365 and SharePoint Data Source

Lab 5:

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Why Us

Module 6:

Model-Driven Power Apps

Lab 6:

Module 7:

Common Data Services (CDS)

Lab 7:

Module 8:

Basic Formula and Conditional Formatting

Lab 8:

Module 9: Portal Apps

Lab 9:

Module 10: Microsoft Automate/Microsoft Flow

Lab 10:

Module 11: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Virtual Agents in Power Apps

Lab 11:

Module 12: Understanding Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Few of our Corporate Clients:


Yes, Power Apps can handle large datasets by connecting to various data sources such as SQL Server, Azure SQL, Common Data Service, and more. This allows for efficient data management and retrieval within your applications.

There are usually no strict prerequisites for a Power Apps course. However, having a basic understanding of business processes, Microsoft Office applications, and familiarity with data management concepts can be beneficial.

A Power Apps course is ideal for business professionals, IT specialists, developers, students, and anyone interested in creating custom applications to improve business processes and productivity without extensive coding knowledge.

In a Power Apps course, you will learn how to build custom applications from scratch, design user interfaces, configure app logic, connect to various data sources, and implement advanced features like automation and integration with other Microsoft services.

Power Apps Training Feedback:

Feedbacks from participants attended our Power Apps Online & Corporate Training in Delhi

I can now automate tasks and create custom solutions for my company, thanks to Excel Prodigy's Power Apps course.


Excel Prodigy's Power Apps course was well worth the investment. I've gained valuable skills that have already made a positive impact at work.

Old Rajinder Nagar

The course content was detailed and easy to understand. I felt supported throughout my learning journey with Excel Prodigy.

Ashok Vihar