Microsoft PowerPoint - Advanced Level

Duration: 08 Hours

Learning Objectives:

  • Get started with PowerPoint.
  • Create a Presentation.
  • Format Text on Slides.
  • Add Graphical Objects to a Presentation.
  • Modify Objects on Slides.
  • Add Tables to a Presentation.
  • Add Charts to a Presentation.
  • Prepare to Deliver a Presentation.

Course Outline:

Getting to know PowerPoint 2007
•  What you can do with PowerPoint 2007
•  What is new in PPT 2007
•  Menus and command structure
•  Screen components in PPT 2007
•  Creating, Saving and Opening Presentations
•  Navigating between Slides
•  View with Zoom In/Zoom  Out  (Zoom Tool)
•  Different Views in PowerPoint

Building a presentation 
•  Slide  Layouts and Inserting Slides
•  Change Layout of a slide
•  Change background of active/all slides
•  What are Themes
•  Applying Theme to a presentation
•  Place Holders
•  Inserting text box place holder
•  Moving, Copying, Resizing ,  and deleting the Place holder
•  Formatting text in place holder

Font Formatting options for Text
•  Font Name, size, type and color
•  Making bold, italic and underline
•  Strike thorough and shadow effects
•  Character spacing and text alignment
•  Clearing text formatting

Paragraph Formatting features 
•  Bullet and Number Lists
•  Multi-level lists
•  Line and paragraph spacing
•  Text direction
•  Auto-fit option
•  Using the Format Painter

Working with Illustrations
•  Inserting and working with a  Picture from file
•  Inserting  and working with a Clip Art Image
•  Inserting and working with Shapes 
•  Inserting and working with Smart Art Graphics
•  Working with Slides in a presentation
•  Inserting New Slides 
•  Moving/Copying/Deleting Slides
•  Copying Slides across presentations

Slide Show
•  Setting up a slide show – Transition effects
•  Slide Timer 

Print the presentation
•  Check the spelling
•  What to print?
•  Other Print Options
•  Portrait/Landscape Orientation
•  Preview before Print

Working with Table
•  Inserting a table
•  Applying style to a table
•  Inserting and deleting rows and columns
•  Cell background and shading
•  Adding table effects
•  Applying borders to cells
•  Importing tables from other applications

•  Creating  chart – Bar Chart ad Pie chart
•  Changing chart type
•  Editing Titles and legends
•  Applying chart styles and layouts
•  Creating line-column on two axes/ mixed charts
•  Formatting the vertical axis

Picture formatting
•  Applying Picture styles
•  Modifying brightness and contrast
•  Re-coloring the picture
•  Cropping and resetting the image size
•  Rotating and flipping pictures
•  Setting picture shape and converting to grayscale format
•  Saving the picture using a specific format

Templates and Slide Masters
•  Templates, Slide Master and Themes
•  Creating, Saving and using a template
•  Creating and modifying a slide Master
•  Handouts and Notes Master
•  Modifying the Handout Master
•  Modifying the Notes master

Organization Charts
•  Creating an organization chart
•  Editing Labels within 0rganization Chart
•  Adding and removing boxes
•  Changing the shape of boxes in organization chart
•  Formatting the connecting lines
•  Applying SmartArt styles and color schemes
•  Quick promotion and demotion in organization Chart

•  Drawing flowcharts using built-in flow chart options
•  Changing and deleting flowchart shapes
•  Changing connector type between flowchart shapes

Manipulating Illustrations
•  Moving  a graphic  forward or backward
•  Grouping/ungrouping objects
•  Positioning a graphic relative to slide
•  Distributing selected objects horizontally, vertically relative to a slide
•  Converting a picture into a drawn object
•  Controlling the display of background pictures in a slide

Slide Manipulation
•  Merging slides or complete presentation
•  Merging a word-processed outline into a presentation
•  Applying graduated background fill colors, textures and patterns
•  Saving a slide in .gif, jpeg or bmp format

Shape formatting
•  Applying shape effects
•  Applying and repositioning a shadow of a specific color to a graphic
•  Applying a semi-transparent effect toa  graphic
•  Applying a 3-D effects to a graphic
•  Further shape style formatting options
•  Using Format painter to apply styles to shapes

Linking Objects
•  Linking an Excel chart into a  PPT presentation
•  Updating a linked Object
•  Editing linked data within presentation
•  Converting linked object into an embedded object
•  Linking a picture from file

Slide Show animation Effects
•  What are animation effects? Applying animation effects to text
•  Applying animation effects to illustrations, Custom animation
•  Changing the sequence of animation within b a slide

Media Clips
•  Supported media clip formats,  Inserting a sound clip
•  Modifying a sound clip volume level
•  Controlling when the sound is played within a media clip
•  Hiding the sound clip icon
•  Using a picture instead of sound icon within a slide
•  Inserting a movie clip, Playing the movie full screen
•  Controlling when the movie is to be played in a slide

Photo Albums
•  What is PowerPoint Photo Album?
•  Creating a Photo Album
•  Reordering the Picture sequence
•  Rotating images within Photo Album
•  Modifying the picture Layout and frame shapes
•  Applying  a theme to Photo Album
•  Adding captions to each picture
•  Adjusting picture contrast and brightness

PowerPoint Design Issues
•  Planning the right presentation for the right environment
•  Physical issues leading to a successful presentation

Design Considerations

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