📚✂️ Unveiling TEXTSPLIT: Excel’s Multi-Delimiter Text Splitting Wizard

📝📊✂️ In this blog post, we will delve into the world of text manipulation in Excel and explore the incredible capabilities of the TEXTSPLIT function. Join us as we unravel the magic of splitting text using multiple delimiters and discover how it revolutionizes data handling. Let’s dive in and uncover the magic!✨🚀


Unveil the power of the TEXTSPLIT function in Excel, enabling effortless text splitting with multiple delimiters. Discover how it transforms data handling, simplifies text manipulation, and unlocks new possibilities. Break free from the misconception that TextSplit is limited to single delimiters and embrace its ability to efficiently handle complex text data. Revolutionize your Excel skills and conquer unstructured data with ease.


The data we have is uncleaned and includes information such as patient ID, patient name, and multiple symbols interspersed within the text. We intend to clean this data using the textsplit function.

When encountering multiple delimiters, it is essential to use an array constant.

Array Constant:

An array constant is a set of values enclosed in curly brackets { }. It lets you define a constant array in a formula or function without entering each value individually. Array constants are handy for performing calculations on multiple values at once without referencing specific cells.

Input the expression into the function as depicted in the image above.

With the power of the textsplit function, we triumphantly conquered the challenge of splitting text laden with multiple delimiters!

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